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The Secret to Maximum AC Efficiency

The secret to maximum air conditioner efficiency

Increase air conditioner efficiency with preventative mainenanceIf we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – maximizing air conditioner efficiency is the best way to cut your utility bill expenses. While, arguably, replacement is the best way to improve efficiency, there’s one thing you should be doing in order to get the best efficiency (and time) out of your old air conditioner.

What is this you ask? Well…

…schedule preventative air conditioner maintenance in the spring to prolong lifespan and maximize efficiency!

Your contractor will clean your condenser, make sure everything is functioning correctly and catch any minor problems before they can result in more than a few hot days without air conditioning during the summer. Keep in mind, summer is peak cooling season. If your air conditioner breaks down during this time, it could take a contractor a while to get to your home.

Avoid emergency service calls with preventative maintenanceSo, yes, it is the middle of summer now and the time for preventative maintenance has passed. But, this is good to keep in mind for next spring. Mark your calendars now so you don’t forget later.

As a side note, you may also want to start thinking about furnace preventative maintenance over the next couple of months. It’s important to get your furnace looked over before winter – just like it is important to get your air conditioner checked out before summer.

So, did you schedule preventative maintenance last spring? Are you going to next year?


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